Feel a bit like a trophy

By | August 9, 2019

Since I left London escorts, the gentleman I left London escorts for, has started to treat me like a trophy. I am 25 years old woman, and before I decided to part company with London escorts, I am pretty sure that he saw me as that. As a matter of fact, he seemed to be pretty proud of the fact that I had managed to scrape money together to buy my own flat and car. Now, after having moved in with this guy, I am beginning to feel a bit like a trophy.


I met up with my friends from London escorts the other day. We only stopped by one of London’s many coffee shops for a chat, but I soon found myself spilling the beans on what I can only call my life “apres” London escorts. Am I happy with it? I am not sure that I am too excited about it as I seem to have ended up like a rich man’s trophy, and I am not sure that kind of lifestyle is for me at all. I actually like to stand on my own two feet and be treated like a woman.


A couple of weeks ago, I had been out to by a new dress for some do we were going to. My partner has given me a credit card with some silly high limit, and insists on me having the best all of the time. That is very nice but it felt good working for London escorts and achieving things for myself. Anyway, when I came home from my latest enforced spending spree, I noticed that my cute little car was gone. Instead of my little love bug as I called it, a nice gleaming Mercedes sports car was sitting in the drive way. It was apparently his latest gift to me.


Back when I worked at London escorts, I would probably at first dreamed of owning a Mercedes. But as I learned the value of earning my own money, I soon came to appreciate that less was more. What my partner did not realize was that I loved my little love big just as much as I loved my one-bedroom flat. He clearly thought that he was doing me a favor asking me to leave London escorts and move with him in his rather palatial home. What he has failed to realize is that I am proud of my achievements and like to continue to do something for myself.


After that, I was not too happy about slipping into my new fancy party frock. I felt like going back to escorts in London and start back where I had left off. Instead of taking things lying down this time, I decided to have a row with him. I was sick and tired of being his trophy that he could show off down at the golf club, or at his masonic dinner and dance. Okay, I may have worked for a fantastic escort in London service, but I was in fact a 25-year-old woman who had done well for myself in this dog eat dog world. After our row, or rather my screaming session, he seemed to got the idea. I am doing a nice little part time job that I am happy with. A girl needs to stand up for herself even though she does not have her stilettos on.

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